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Radio: Low-Flush Toilets

Did you know that you could save 20% on your water bill just by replacing your toilet? Most conventional toilets hog 3 1/2 gallons or more of water. And the U.S. flushes nearly five billion gallons of this precious resource every day.
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My House Contains Asbestos: Now What?

Asbestos removal then becomes part of purchase negotiations. For home buyers who skip inspection to keep upfront costs low, asbestos discovery can be quite scary. After all, they've just learned that their beautiful slice of American history is contaminated.
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Historic Homes & More

The Georgian Revival House

Some Georgian Revival Houses can, at least from afar, be confused with eighteenth-century precedents; others resemble later Federal Houses, but most are a mix of elements that allude to the past but are actually quite modern, comfortable homes.
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